The FRANC Values



Our writing is well-researched and considered and, importantly, always comes from a place of emotion. Rather than concerning ourselves with promotion or celebrity, we explore the meaning behind our individual sartorial choices. We believe that surface beauty reflects an inner truth. 


FRANC looks at ideas. We do not believe in tear downs or cheap criticism. We publish content to evolve ideas rather than further agendas. 


FRANC is human centred. We believe fashion touches on every aspect of our identities. We are not interested in advising or shaming but in using this unique and dynamic form of culture to connect people. We aim for resonance over relevancy, engagement over reverence and intelligence over flash. 


Many of our readers are not fashion experts, nor do they belong to any one scene or clique. FRANC is designed to provide a space for calm reflection; we are not interested in barring access to this through niche language or references. Fashion culture is everywhere, and we discuss it for everyone. 


We believe creativity exists between people. Each FRANC contribution is developed through dialogue and no issue of FRANC is contained within its pages. We are a space for all creative expression that furthers connection.