FRANC is a new fashion philosophy.


is a way of doing things; it isn’t about the clothing or accessories. It's what they mean to us. It's the magazines, the dresses and the nail polishes we use to make our own personal world. It's what we want to feel connected to.


We’re not experts.

We’re not telling you what to do. We’ve bought fashion, we’ve modelled fashion, we’ve studied fashion, we’ve made fashion, we’ve sold fashion. But we learnt how to style, write and edit by trying to have fun with it. Because we believe everything that’s wrong with fashion can be fixed by everything that’s right with fashion. 


We like having conversations.

So we started a fashion magazine. One that isn’t about telling you what to wear or how to make him happy or what’s cool. One that’s about interesting questions. Its the size of a book so its fits in a cross body bag. Its on paper so you can read free from distractions and mean comments. 


Conversations can happen in lots of ways. 

Not just through essays and photographs but films, speeches, and parties. 


Not everything worth saying is said with words. 

Things can be said with crisp cotton or an interesting cut. We made a t-shirt. A t-shirt that’s soft and forceful. We sell it you directly. We pop a letter in with it.