Above the Fold

"Can you tell us a bit more about your contributors?
I like to joke that they’re people I’ve been drunk with! And that’s flippant but does get to the point that they are people that have something to say in a real and heartfelt way rather than people we seek out for their technical skills. In this issue all bar two of the contributions are ones I’ve asked the contributor to write after something they’ve said or experiencing how they work first hand as opposed to a formal pitching process.

In this issue there’s a real mix from Sean Jackson (photographer), Laoise Quinn (architect and model) and Alanagh Clegg (fashion designer) whose perspectives on work has fascinated me, to Hannah McCarthy (lawyer in London), my sister Ellen Somers and our managing editor Eva Morrissey who have said things in passing I found so interesting that I asked them to write a piece around it."

Briony Somers, Above the Fold, November 2017. 

Briony Somers